Retreat at the Ranch

Personal Development, Gentle Yoga & Organic Lunch

A One-day retreat at the majestic slieve aughty centre

located in the woodlands & MOUNTAIN REGION OF the slieve aughtys, kylebrack, Co. Galway. 

We all need space to come back to our true nature, but what does this even mean? Is it some contrived, cookie throw-away comment that just sounds good or does it hold real meaning? For me, our true nature isn't about what kind of job we do or how we are seen by others in the world, it's about looking inward, going on a journey of deep listening to our soul - finding our joy and purpose in life. If you have heard and felt the nudges of your soul calling for change, if you are feeling the overwhelm and burn out of our fast-paced, over-driven, over-achieving society and have little time for what truly brings you joy then this retreat will be your starting point to deep connection with your soul and equip you with a toolkit of skills to continue on your journey so you can live a healthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life by discovering who you truly are. This retreat will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

'Most healing happens in Community'


Space, Time, Connection & Nourishment for your Soul.



  • Saturday, 13th august 2002

  • ARRIVAL FROM 9.30am

  • Coming into STILLNESS 10.00AM

  • lunchtime 1.30pm

  • your facilitators; Malvina & ken barrett



The approach of this retreat is personal & spiritual growth by connecting to our deeper selves - our soul, through gentle yoga, breath-work, meditation, walking in the woods, journaling and

 a talk on understanding the psyche by Ken, helping us to gain insight into the complexity of our mind and how we function, so we may gain knowledge and self-awareness to appreciate the different parts of our psyche and with self-care practices and development work operate from a place of quiet, compassion and curiosity towards ourselves, helping us lead a more fulfilling life.

No prior knowledge of Yoga is required to attend!

What you will Enjoy!

  • A safe space with a maximum of 10 attendees;
  • A very gentle, slow opening yoga practice;
  • Grounding tools such as breath-work, walking in the woods, meditation and more;
  • A talk on understanding the psyche by Ken;
  • A beautiful organic vegetarian lunch;
  • Closing-in yoga practice;
  • Learning to trust your internal wisdom;
  • Tea/Coffee before you depart for home.

Treat yourself to a day of Yoga, Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation, Nature & A Beautiful Organic Lunch to Nourish the Body, Mind & Soul.

Or Call Malvina 0834040137